Christmas is coming?

Over here in Korea, and in the rest of the world, Christmas is fast approaching. But for me, this christmas is a little bit wierd. It is my first Christmas married and away from home. Also, I am working right up until the day before Christmas, which is wierd because for as long as I can remember I have had at least 2 weeks of holidays before Christmas, and another 1-1.5 weeks after it. I guess thats what I get for not going to school again this year. Its also different because I am in Korea. Out here Christmas isn't nearly as big a deal as it is at home. Sure, all the big stores put up decorations and sell stuff, but there are no Christmas lights, apparently about half the families out here don't really do anything for Christmas, all the little stores are just normal. Plus, since we don't watch TV, we don't see any Christmas commercialization, at least not on a big scale. Now, I have to say, that I have long complained about the Christmas becoming a commodity, another holiday which big corporations use to sell us more stuff we don't need. But, being away from it all, I do realize that I miss the more than constant reminders that are provided by advertising, sales, etc. etc. that we have at home.


Pte. Ryan said...

Indeed Andrew, I can see how different it can be. If it'd make you feel better I could send you the latest Sears catalogue? Though I'm not so sure about how they'd get the stuff out to you seeing as I don't think there's an outlet in Korea...but it's worth a shot :) Or perhaps I could send you tinsel that you could toss around your bedroom and post on the pictures? ;)
I kinda know the feeling though. Not the commercialization bit, but the being away from home. My fam's taking off for the Bahamas and I'm going Jazmine's way for the Christmas holidays. Definitely feels weird.
Here for ya bud if you need some holiday commercial-time cheer ;)

PakG1 said...

Well, that's an interesting comment I would never have expected. Well, see if you can indeed replace the missing commercialization with something more true to the Christmas spirit, I guess. :)

Anthony said...

i'll trade, i work until the 24th, and again on the 26th...at Toys R Us, one of only 4 in the GTA...if its been crazy today, i can barely imagine in a week.

Bucky Jr. said...

I can understand how it would be weird being away from all of us on Christmas. If it would help, I could send you pictures of me beating up Mike or something. As for working on the 24th? Try working on Christmas Day. I have a shift from 1130-1800, fun huh? The only thing that will get me through that day is knowing I'm making holiday pay. WOO HOO!

Anthony said...

but you dont do retail, do you ?
(last year i worked on xmas...im remarkably unsentimental about it)