I have, in the last weeks, joined with the majority of the rest of the blogging community in abandoning my blog for the joys of holiday busy-ness. Though the holidays, for me anyway, are not over yet (not until next monday), I am not so busy anymore and am going to blog again.

More blogs will, hopefully, be posted in rapid fire succession over the next few days, but in the meantime, here is an update on what I have been up to.

Christmas was busy; finishing things up at school (the semester/grade change in Korea is at the end of december, so we are getting new students and such after Christmas), plus kindergarten christmas concerts, all the normal end of the month stuff, and Christmas preparations on top of that. Christmas was hard. I am sure I mentioned previously that this was our first christmas away from family, and it was tough. But mostly, Christmas was wonderful. It was.. well.. it was christmas. What more needs to be said?

Over the holidays we are taking of a friends cat, at least for most of teh holidays. I am posting this from Seoul, so obviously not while we are here. Said friend is in Thailand with 2 other teachers from our school, all of them friends, and we have not heard from them since the Tsunami, so please pray.

Other than that, we are in Seoul now, until tomorrow. We ahve been here twice. Once we were in transit, once we were here for shopping, this time we are here for touristing and relaxing. We saw the biggest palace in Seoul, one of the bigger museums (the biggest one is closed until next oct.), and we have been to the Sauna, and intend to go many more times :)

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