True Understanding

There are so many things I think about, and so many things I have opinions on. Lots of them are very strong opinions. I really don’t like President Bush, not as a person, but his actions, policies, and publicly demonstrated character. I also belong to a small group of people, I think it is a small group of people anyway (I have no way of really knowing for sure), who believe that most of the modern Christian church and its “gospel’s” are missing the point. I haven’t fully decided on the issue, but I lean towards open theism, and I have some interesting ideas about hell (slightly past the metaphorical view… I can’t remember if there is a name for what I think). I am economically under-informed, yet I know I don’t like capitalism in its current forms. I could go on.

Why do I bring this up? I have been thinking lately about how I go about forming my opinions, how I think and such, how people should deal with disagreements and so on.

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Anthony said...

i need to ask your forgiveness, i have been hard hearted, and soft skulled about your beliefs, esp. concerning god.

i just do not understand what you are saying...maybe an email for morons ?

(im sorry)