A New Thing

Since Superman and I have started to actually write long and involved posts on this issue of theories of Atonement we have made a decision. We are starting a new blog, or I think we are anyway (its our first try at this joint blogging thing... hope it works). It will be specifically a place for debate, both of us will continue to post on our regular blogs. We have no idea how long it will last, maybe only until the atonement discussion is over. Who knows, who cares. It is going to be fun.

So if any of you were very interested in the discussion that got started a few posts down, you can follow the continued discussion at our new blog. "
Just Two Guys"

My follow up post, promised to superman a few days ago, should be available there soon. I will also, most likely, post teasers or begginings on this blog, which will link to whatever it is I/we have written over there. I think I will only do this with substantial posts though.

If anyone is very interested in joining our debates naturally they are welcome to comment as usual. And if we find someone who is willing to contribute regularly and in the same spirit, maybe we will become "Just Three Guys". For now, there are two of us. As much as we hope you enjoy any debate we have, we are really doing this for ourselves.

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