Matrix, and Terminator??? are Ripoffs!!!!

So, here's news you don't see everyday. Apparently some woman, Sophia Stewart, has succesfully sued the Wachowski Brothers, Joel Silver and Warner Brothers for copywright infringement. These famous and highly popular movies are stolen from some 1981 manuscript she wrote and submitted to the Wachowski brothers (or at least this is the case as far as the matrix is concerned, I am not sure where Terminator comes in).

I find this amazing for several reasons. Apparently the case has been going on since 1999 and was only made public in 2003. This is no surprise, considering that the parent company of Warner Brothers is AOL-Time Warner.

All of the above you can find on the article. My issue is with media control. The vast majority of the media that we consume daily is owned by, what, 3 companies? This is one more proof that these companies control their media almost solely in their own self interest. Does anyone doubt the damaging effects this has on society, or us as individuals?

I hate to sound like some anti-technology nut, but TV and media are powerful things. Not only that, but they are powerful things which we are actively suppressed from investigating and understanding. It is very unpopular to be anti-tv, entertainment, etc. Who makes this so unpopular? You have 3 guesses, and the first two don't count. Now, I am not going to try to fall on the side of conservative nuts who blame everything on TV and videogames. I don't believe that is true, nonetheless there are things going on here worth examining.


Anthony said...

i am in robson library at the u of t, there is a man right next to me who looks exactly like you, reading nt right.

Andrew said...

sinc you were also reading N.T. Wright, you struck up a conversation right? You were reading Wright weren't you? why else would you be in the library, of course you were.

That is a pretty wierd coincidence though, to be reading Wright and meet my twin who was also reading wright, the whole while knowing that I like to read Wright. How could you go wrong?

Pte. Ryan said...

Crazy wild Andrew. Interesting to think that the media is much like the coca-cola corporation: owning a whole lot of shtuff, to the point that you begin to think: are we reading what's really happening in the world? Perhaps this is a matrix in itself. AOL is trying to present a world much like the matrix to all of us in order to keep us going about our daily lives ;) A stretch maybe...but a neat bend.

Anthony said...

i would tell you what i was reading, but it would only serve to pigeon hole me further.

however i have yet to read nt wright.