Reviewing Books #2

Right, so more explanations. Right now I am at least 7 books behind in reviewing books (I think I am missing one or two, but not sure). I will get to them, but I just wanted to share a minor change with you.

I now have 3 categories I will place books into in terms of organization. I don't know if you pay attention to such things, but at the bottom of each of my posts are labels. These labels are intended to help you navigate my blog if you wish to find posts with things in common. So far all of my book reviews have had 3 labels: Book Review (duh), Fiction or Non-Fiction, and then the specific kind of writing (fantasy, science fiction, theology, etc.). I have now added a fourth:

Not Recommended: Pretty self-explanatory.

Conditionally Recommended: This means that it was a decent, or good, book but that something about the book will make some people unable to enjoy it, unable to read through it, or simply not care. I am pretty sure the majority of books I review will fall into this category. (so far, including this post, of 19 book review pages: 2 are like this one, explanatory; 9 are Conditionally recommended, 6 are recommended, and 2 are not recommended).

Recommended: This means that it was a very good book and, not only that, it is a book I think most people can benefit from reading. Now, even here, there are a few implicit assumptions. 1. you like reading, or can enjoy it (even if you don't generally). 2. You like thinking (so, I include some books in this category that are not all easy). 3. You are either Christian or interested in religion (this is not always an assumption, but I have included books like "After You Believe" in this category while being fully aware that a non-Christian who cares nothing about religion will not enjoy this book).

Right, so those are some words of explanation. Back to reviews :)

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