A Few of My Favorite Things

I should be either practicing my sermon or sleeping. Naturally, I am doing neither. And, if I am going to blog, I ought to be working through the review I mentioned in my last post... so, naturally, I am not doing that either.

Instead, I want to share two of my favorite custom desserts (though not all of my own customization). Now, if you know me at all, you know that I have a massive sweet tooth. I dread the day (which fast approaches) when my metabolism fails me and I inevitably start to either gain weight or watch what I eat. Until then, I will enjoy the freedom to eat what I wish as a gift from God. So, on to the recipes:

Bread and Cream and Sugar
Yes, the title says it all. (Credit where credit is due: I learned this particular delight from my Father)
1. Take one slice of bread (brown or white or rye or whatever is fine, but I do not recommend any of the more 'crunchy' varieties of bread that include actual pieces of grain or nut) and cover it with a layer of brown sugar (thickness can be varied as desired).
2. Now take whipping cream and slowly pour it over the entire piece of bread until you have covered all the sugar and have a little swimming pool surrounding your slice.
3. Eat and enjoy (mmm, so good).

Cookie Soup
You know how its so delicious to dip cookies in milk? Why not just dump em right in?
1. Take as many of your favorite kind of cookie as you want (must be a cookie that goes will in/with milk) and crumble them into a bowl (the size of your cookie pieces can vary according to taste; I prefer a mixture, some big and some small).
2. Now fill the bowl full of milk exactly like you would a bowl of cereal.
3. Add toppings of your desire (I like chocolate or caramel syrup).
4. Eat and enjoy (you know its going to be good if the milk is completely brown!)


Jeremy Rios said...

Dude, that's revolting. But I still love you.

Actually, my great grandfather used to pour hot bacon grease over sugar. Shudder. (Note, he lived past 80...)

Andrew said...

Hot bacon grease eh... that does sound pretty gross. Nothing at all like my own particular dessert preferences. Nothing at all... :)

kering said...

Hehe, I would actually try the cookie soup... but probably not the slice of bread swimming in cream...... haha :P

Kristina said...

So I tried the bread and cream and sugar and it is good. I won't lie. But the cookie soup makes me want to gag just thinking about it.