Catching Up

Well, its been a while since I posted. I'm quite a bit behind on reviewing books now, as lack of time to write does not mean I am not reading. One has to keep one's priorities straight after all :)

Let's see; I went on a youth pastors retreat organized by the Alliance district. That was a lot of fun, but I won't bore you with the details. I would only pass on this: Know how you recharge, and keep first things first. For me, the retreat hit all of my major 'recharge buttons' (time alone, beautiful creation, competitive games, and interesting learning), so good times.

I'm skipping lots of stuff, but then my parents came to visit for my graduation (which was this last Monday, and felt great). That same night there was an attempted break-in at our house. I'll tell that story in more detail (based on the assumption that while you might not be interested in a youth pastors retreat, most people want to hear crime stories):

Basically I wasn't asleep yet (thank God) and heard some banging from downstairs. When I looked out our window, which is directly above our kitchen, I saw a man leaving our backyard. My thoughts were: a. drunk and at the wrong house. b. vandal. c. robber. But, with nothing more than two bangs and a guy leaving our backyard I wasn't sure what to do. I went downstairs and there I found that he was across the street watching our house, and that the kitchen window screen had been removed and placed on the ground. That was enough for me; I called the police. They were very nearby and apprehended the man within minutes, and I got to stay up half the night (got home after 3am) giving a statement and doing a photo line up and such. I think we were pretty lucky. Apparently this guy has a history of robbing houses, and if I hand't been awake at the time I don't think I would have figured out what was going on.

And that was just the start of a very busy week. Next week I am heading to the Regent Pastor's Conference, and I am very excited about that, but attending at this time means I had one week to do 2 weeks worth of work, including preaching tomorrow. I think I've got everything under control, but if, while I am preaching tomorrow, I get my sermon confused with my Sunday School lesson, or an upcoming bible study, or our apologetics night for teens..... well, I apologize in advance :)

The last thing to say is that I haven't fallen behind on book reviews only because I have been busy. That's part of whats going on, but not the whole story. The rest of it is that I have been trying to review, and having a great deal of difficulty reviewing, Show Them No Mercy. The problem is this: The question the book is based on interests me a great deal but the book itself, and the approaches/answers given by each of the four authors, troubled me. So, to give you a preview, I didn't like the book and will not be recommending it to anyone. Still, I will probably have a couple posts on the subject, hopefully soon.

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