With the "Passion of Christ" just out, and all the hype and blah blah blah, could I really avoid saying something about it?
I saw it back in January at a sneak preview, and very much enjoyed it. Superman, one of my roommates, saw it on saturday with his Fiancee, and they both really enjoyed it. So, on Sunday, Superman and I talked about it a little bit. We talked about how we liked the rawness of the movie, and we liked how some of his teachings were mixed with scenes from the passion, and all of the things that you have probably talked about if you have seen the movie. Then Superman said something a little bit different.

"One thing I really appreciate is that Gibson earned himself a place to make this movie before he did it, and then he made an excellent movie."

This, of course, led us into a discussion of evangelism, how it is done, how it might be done, and how it should be done. It seems, to both of us, that very few Christians put any effort into earning a place to speak. People should listen to us, and if they don't, we will just talk louder!!! On the other hand, we can both think of times when it is not possible, nor appropriate to earn a right to speak. Ideally, we must admit, Christians would not need to earn a right to speak, since people should give us a fair hearing, just as they would anyone else. But lets be honest, this is not an ideal world, and if we ever had anything close to that kind of ideal world we have lost it (wether by our own fault or otherwise).

"In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven." (Mt 5:16). How often, at least within evangelical Christianity, is this model for evangelism ever followed? "The primary function of the church is not evangelism, but to be a place for the dwelling of God on the earth. This requires that people grow and receive God and occupy their place with God. That would have a natural effect of evangelism. What we want is not just evangelism that makes converts. We want disciples...and if you are intent on making disciples and keep on that track, evangelism will take care of itself." Dallas Willard goes on to say that this does not preclude any special efforts in evangelism, but he makes a very good point.

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