If Yesterday Were the Last Day

If yesterday were the last day of school, everything would have made sense.

I woke up early Tuesday morning to what I thought was the sound of crickets; a lot of them. Which is a little weird when your inside the city, nearly downtown. I quickly forgot about it, but when I left my house the sound was loud as ever. To my surprise, at the end of the alleyway, maybe 10 feet above the ground, were dozens of birds wheeling around in a tight circle for no apparent reason. As I know nothing about birds, I thought it looked cool, and did my best to prevent thoughts of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” from entering my mind. That effort was to no avail; I looked around, and thought the trees looked weird; it took a minute, but I soon saw what was making the noise. Nearly a dozen trees, with no leaves on them, had a bird on every branch, twig, or space. Cool and creepy; my pace quickened. Soon I was past them, though they later flew over my head, going north somewhere.

The rest of my walk to school was normal, except that it is the first time this since fall that I saw people walking around with no jackets. Everything breathed change, it was in the wind, and the bus smog.

My first class was supposed to be a presentation, but the presenter skipped out. “So what shall we do this class?” We started class 30 minutes late, and studied Psalm 1, it was very relaxed. During my third class, the teacher answered his cell phone, in the middle of the lecture, and talked for a few minutes with his girlfriend. The whole class was laughing and saying Hi. Once again, everything breathed of change.

My last class, which was actually the last class for that course, was fun. All year the students had been presenting on various books, this day the Prof. presented. Then he took us all out for drinks and food.

Everywhere I looked were people outside, having fun, not rushing to get indoors. Playing ultimate, and football; we almost had class outside. There was a spring smell on the air, and everything breathed of change.

Of course, I have to face the reality. There is a week of school left, I have 3 finals and 2 essays outside of normal classes, and I won’t be officially finished until Apr. 21st. Still, if yesterday were the last day of school, everything would have made sense.

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