As you might have guessed, if you read into the previous post, and if you noticed the comments on The Heresy, I have recently been reading more about the situation in Iraq. With the goings on with Clarke and such, how could I not?

It seems that everytime I delve into the issues surrounding the war and occupation they have all gotten worse. The report on my last post details many of the misleading, and outright lies, from the leaders in the U.S. If what Clarke says is true (go here or here or here, and thanks to Leighton at TheHeresy for those links. Also check out this for some comments on how the WhiteHouse is responding to Clarke, and many more links to follow if you want), well thats just more fuel on the fire.

I get more and more cynical about the government, ours, the U.S., or anywhere. I mean, I know that government can't really change people, or the world, but I used to think that honesty wasn't to high of an expectation (naive, i know). I may disagree with someone's stance, but if they are a person of integrity at least I can respect them. I also used to take for granted people were honest until I knew otherwise... at least in matters of government, it sometimes seems that the opposite strategy, though uncharitable, may be more accurate. I know the cynicism is bad, and I hope I don't get to the point where I assume guilty until proven innocent, but the Bush administration is certainly straining the bonds of my charity.

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