The Day After Tomorrow?

There is a new movie coming out this summer, which I think looks good, called The Day After Tomorrow and as you have probably guessed, it is a post-apocalyptic (or during the appocalypse) movie. Based on global warming, huge climate change caused by the drastic change of large ocean currents due to polar melting, some of the trailer's most stunning scenes are of New York buried in snow. Looks cool. Why do I bring this up? Well, I heard about a new environmental problem. Yipee!! Ever heard of ocean dead zones? They are near the top of the list of emerging environmental problems according to the UN-EP. To much fertilizer and chemical runoff gets into areas of the ocean, accelerating the growth of algae, which then dies, consuming oxygen, and eventually up to several square miles of ocean has no oxygen. In the last 10 years the area of known dead zones has more than doubled. On top of that did you know that 14% of the world's population relies of fish? goodie goodie.
For more Info. go here, or look it up on google.
Thanks to a friend of mine, John, for pointing out this new environmental issue (really... I am not sure if that was sarcastic or not).

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