Here is an update on what is going on.

Its been a week and a day since I returned from reading week, and I might finally be starting to get over Chapter withdrawal, as well as home and family withdrawal to. I had my appointment with the surgeon last week, and I did get my wish: It went quickly and well, and the surgery was scheduled quickly. Tomorrow in fact. I am a bit nervous about that; its a day surgery, they are doing it incision style, and I don't expect to be out and about much for a few days. The thought of someone, no matter how qualified, cutting into me, pushing aside layers of skin and muscle to get to a rip in the mesh which blocks my intestines, and place a rubber thingy there... well, its not to appealling.

I finished all the homework I needed to over reading break, and have lots more to do for this semester, so hopefully I will be able to put my downtime to good use and get a good amount of reading done. I did a presentation in my Hebrew Poetry class, which apparently went well (I have my marks back). But I honestly feel so inadequate in that class. I am no good at poetry analysis, nor do I understand the intricacies of the Hebrew language. Nonetheless, it is an excellent class.

I finished another of James Clavell's novels, King Rat. James Clavell, if you don't know, is an excellent author. He wrote Shogun, which is by far his most popular, and so far it is still my favorite. King Rat is a close second though. It's about a Japanese internment camp, during WWII, in Singapore. Besides being an good look into life as a POW (of of Clavell's fortes is his clear, high quality, grasp of whatever culture, or situation, he is writing about) it is also a interesting, accurate, and somewhat troubling glance into human nature. I would highly reccommend it.

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