Q17: Focus on Truth

Question: How would the world look if more people focused on truth rather than rejoicing at what's wrong?

I like this question in theory, but actually typing out an answer feels a little bit like writing a Sunday School lesson. So, let me tell you what I think about with this question.

First of all, it reminds of 1 Cor. 13; all of it.  I know, it's just one line "... It does not rejoice in wrongdoing..." but when I read that question I get this overlay of 1 Corinthians love with "All you need is Love".  

The next place my mind goes is to focus on that last phrase in it's own right.  "Rejoicing at what's wrong." Roll that around in your mind for a moment.  What images and thoughts come to you?  Mine run the spectrum; jumping from guys whose first impulse upon seeing a frog is stomp on it, to WWII (not that I am in any way comparing boys urges to destruction with Nazi's).  More commonly, we see it everyday on TV and Movies; people getting their entertainment (one of the most powerful Idols of our society) by enjoying watching wrongdoing.  I think about our Teen's camp, at which I was asked a very good question by a very smart friend who I respect: "When have we taken things to far?  We all like a good joke, and we know how guys are, but when are we crossing a line?"  ... Now that's  hard one to answer.  

So, it's kind of a loaded question, but it is a good one.  What if we did stop focusing so much on things that are wrong, wasteful, and meaningless?  What if the truth, and love (which, though not in the question, is, in my mind, implied.  My epistemology is such that love and truth are necessarily and eternally connected in the person of the Trinity who is the source and ground, and Himself, both of those things), were really our main concerns in life?  

Trinity Love Knot - Wood Carving - Variation of Irish Love Knot

Some day we will know, when we cease to dwell in the already-but-not-yet, when the kingdom of God fully comes to earth, when Jesus returns.  

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