November Blog Reflections

How can time move so fast?  Yet another month come and gone.

Top 3 Most Visited Posts of November:

1. Mawwiage - The number one post didn't 'win' by quite as much of a margin as last month, but still nearly double the #2 spot.  I guess my readers really like personal stories.

2. Antidisencouragementarianism - The last of a three part series on encouragement; the other ones did well too.

3. Light in a Dark Tunnel - At this point several posts were very close, but I am encouraged that one of my more theological posts is in the top three.

Over the month of November I put up 20 posts (including this one).  Pretty much double my October posts.  And guess what? I didn't preach a single time this month, so my observation about preaching requiring a lot of my creative energy is holding true.  Which also means you probably shouldn't expect too much in December as I am preaching several times and in charge of the overall sermon series and advent season (which is both really fun and nerve racking).

I can't really think of much else I learned this month.  I did really enjoy being able to post so much.  I do like writing.

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