"The Gospel According to Jesus" By Chris Seay

Chris Seay, The Gospel According to Jesus: A Faith That Restores All Things. Thomas Nelson, 2010. 211 pgs. 

Thanks again to Thomas Nelson for providing this book for review.  

So, I requested this book months ago but, because of some kind of warehouse glitch, I got this book first...  Anyway, I was very happy to recieve Chris Seay's book this week.  Not only that, but here is another book on what the gospel is really all about.  Before opening this book I wondered if I was a sucker for punishment. If you have read my other reviews, I think this is about my sixth book on the subject and the vast majority of them have been terrible. The Gospel According to Jesus was a blessed exception. 

In this book Seay takes the reader through his definition of the gospel and the various consequences of it, as well as some of the foundations of Christian life and belief.  The gospel is the full-orbed story of Jesus Christ, from creation to final judgement, centered on that fateful weekend 2000 years ago.  It is the story of God setting all things right, displaying his restorative justice.  The call for us is to take part in it, to be transformed by it's power, and live out lives of shalom. So says Seay and I agree.  

Overall this was an excellent book.  It is introductory, but in a good way.  Seay summarizes some of the excellent teaching that has been going around recently into a readable and interesting explanation of the gospel.  He has his gimmick, and as per usual the gimick bugged me,but that's my personal taste.  If your curious, the gimmick in this case was that each chapter was followed by a conversation about the subject of the chapter with a few other people.  It did get repetitive, but not overly so.  

Conclusion: 4 Stars.  Recommended.  If you haven't read a whole bunch of material on this topic then this book is a great place to start.  


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