Quotes of the Day

Shakespeare divided great men into three classes: those born great, those who achieved greatness, those who had greatness thrust upon them. It never occurred to him to mention those who hired public relations experts and press secretaries to make themselves look great...The celebrity is a person who is known for his well-knownness.
- Daniel Boorstin

The coke sign does not simply mean a refreshing drink; it means America got there first.
- Humphrey McQueen 

We are no longer eating food or drinking drinks; we practice ‘body management’ and are buying convenience, escape, energy.
- Marc Gobe,
Emotional Branding

Commercial television is ruthlessly secular.  Its emphasis on the immediate, the here-and-now, the accumulation of goods, and the denial that there is any higher experience than consuming and watching TV… ultimately, conventional religion is heretical to television’s very notion of itself.
- Stephen Stark

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