"Jungle Warfare" by Christopher A. Cunningham

Christopher A. Cunningham, Jungle Warfare: A Basic Field Manual for Christians in Sales. Thomas Nelson, 2010. 207 pgs. 

Jungle Warfare is a 22 day devotional specifically designed for Christians in sales.  Each day Cunningham quotes his Grandfather's "Manual on Jungle Warfare ", some bible verses, and a reflection that connects these things together with being a Christian in sales.  He also adds a prayer and some questions with space for brief journal reflections.  Frequently throughout the 22 days, Cunningham challenges the reader to make commitments and decisions both practical and spiritual.  Finally, at the end of the book, there is a "Jungle Warfare Field Support" section which is Cunningham's answers to several common questions.  

I was greatly impressed by this book.  I have to admit that the title and description made me wary.  A book designed specifically for Christians in sales? With jungle warfare? However, Cunningham skillfully combines pastoral and business insight in order to offer spiritual direction into the lives of Christians in sales, as well as, I think, in business in general.  Cunningham clearly has his priorities straight as he urges salesmen to focus on God in the face of the temptation to focus only on numbers.  He urges the reader to put God first, practice sabbath, rest in God frequently throughout the day, pray, love your enemies (especially your business competitors) and pray for them, and so on.  I am planning on lending this book to, or buying this book for, business people I know.  I am not even in business or sales, and I found this book challenging and applicable, not to mention well written and biblically sound. 

Conclusion: Conditionally recommended, in that it is best for those in business (for this in business: Highly recommended).  4 of 5 stars.  

Disclosure: This book was provided by Thomas Nelson for review. 

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