Pepero Day

Today, Nov. 11th, is a special day in Korea. It is Pepero Day!!!

Let me tell you about Pepero day: It is a day that has only been celebrated for 4 or 5 years here, and what you are supposed to do is give pepero sticks) to your friends and family. (Pepero sticks are the same as Pocki, if you have ever heard of that. Chocolate covered wafer sticks).

Why did they start celebrating this holiday only such a short time ago? The answer to that is very simple. It was only such a short time ago that the marketting genius's at Lotte thought if it. Lotte is a very very large company over here; they have fast food restaurants, department stores, they make everything. One of the things they make is the candy called Pepero. Of course, now that there is a pepero day there are lots of imitations. Pipiro, Peperong, etc. etc.

I guess it was only a matter of time before some company took advantage of this kind of thing. Every holiday is so commercialized anyway, why not make a holiday really doesn't have any history or basis outside of it?

I asked one of my kids what it was, and he gave me my favorite answer so far: "Mr. Pepero wants more money, so he made up pepero day."

I only have one question. When I get home, back to canada, can we have a "Hershey's Kiss Day" ? I can see the captions now, "Kiss the ones you love and care for on Kiss Day."


Anthony said...

i saw some at the local korean supermarket today--and a knockoff called gooky.(i live 30min walk from little korea.)--there is also a xian bookstore, next door--do you need anything, bibles or such ?

Andrew said...

Anthony, no we don't need anything like that, but thanks for asking :) So did you try the pepero? After all, nothing like celebrating a korean big company brand name brainwashing holiday when you are already remembering all those who gave their lives for freedom right?

Anthony said...

my brand loyalty is only to pocky, and the amusingly named cream collon.