A Four Course Meal

My wife is hilarious. On an evening this last weekend, when she wasn't feeling very hungry, and I was complaining because I was, she decided to pull a prank... kind of. She locked me in the computer room, as only a woman can "Don't come out!!" (said with that tone), and prepared dinner for me.

When I was allowed to exit, I found our apartment turned into a candlelit dining area, complete with nice place settings, and a waitress (Kristina, of course). Through the entire meal she refused to acknowledge that she was my wife, putting on a perfect impression of a paid servant. She then served me salad, 'crouton' with jam and peanut butter, nacho's with ground pork, chili powder, cheese and salsa, and 2 chocolate covered almonds for dessert (still not sure where she got those).

I wasn't sure if I should laugh, or play along, or be really appreciative. I also wasn't sure if I should say something about the small portions. I did wonder what she was going to do for dinner. But, soon, all of these questions were resolved... The pizza delivery man arrived.


Anthony said...


this amused.

taechtner said...

In regards to Anthony's link. Statement: "Gravity is a theory". It isn't a theory it's a Law.