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I don't like that bush won, but I don't think its the end of the world. I don't think the election was nearly as simple as you make it out to be anthony. I was thinking about what makes the U.S. vote for Bush when the rest of the world hates him? what do they see that we don't, or vice versa? And I think I came up with a theory. Bush is a bully. Nobody likes the bully unless he is on their side, and guess what? The U.S. public see him as on their side. I don't think he will run rampant on his second term because he has free mandate or something, he did whatever he wanted on his first term, so the second term won't be any different. He controlled/controls public opinion, right from the very start before he was even elected (i.e. the whole fox news thing, not to mention teh voter scandal in florida). I think its total close minded crap when people say they vote for him because he is a Christian. True he is prolife and anti-fag, but the bible says a lot more about honesty and integrity than it does about sexuality and abortion. I don't think the prolife side is actually going anywhere. in reality the difficulty of abortions and the number of abortions has no relationship; nearly half the worlds abortions take place in countries where it is illegal. On the other hand, Kerry is a Christian, or claims it as much as Bush, but because he is "a liberal prochoicer" that is not trusted. Only one of these men has lied publically to the people he is claiming to lead...
Regardless, he wasn't elected solely, or even mostly, because he was those things. They helped, undoubtedly. Evangelical christians have, unfortunately, become powerful lobby groups in the states (it doesn't take much of a church history lesson to know what happens to most Christian groups when they get power; we are no different).

It is very true that conservative evangelical christianity in the U.S. seems to have narrowed its focus down to only two issues, maybe three. Abortion, Homosexuality, and Stem cell research. Bush and hi party hit all the right buttons, and some day I hope that conservative evangelicals look back with shame on the narrowness of their vision at this time in history. But, I have to remember that I can look back on many parts of my own life with disapointment; i can remember views I held that I would be ashamed to hold today. Really, who can say they are not numbed by the TV? by their own personal self interest? Can any of us claim that our vision is wide enough to match the Love of God?

The samaritan must have known he was helping a Jew, one of those who hated him and made him outcast.

It is very easy to look at a group of people and criticize them much more harshly because we somehow think its no longer personal. Admitedly, I am among those critics, and I don't think we should let everything, or most things, go by without comment. I am just suggesting humility in criticism, love in our discernment so that we can avoid judgement. Who knows, maybe Bush getting reelected will be the end of the world, and then there won't be any evangelical christians to look back with shame.

I have to say, I am severely disapointed that Bush was re-elected. I am saddened that some of his main supporting base comes from the same church as me. But I am not surprised. It is true that Jesus, the prophets, etc. condemned the religous establishment more harshly, more often and so on, than anyone or anything else. It is also true that Jesus loved the outcast, loved those who hated him, turned the other cheek, etc. I cannot claim a right to anger anymore than I can claim a right to peace or comfort. I would rather be/see a prophet who pleads for those he must condemn, who weeps for those that he calls down destruction on, who knows the word of Lord is like a fiery ember that cannot be held in because he has tried to hold it in, than a person who gets angry and judgemental regardless of the leading of God.

Thats my rant. no unity of thought, no editing, no quoting or referencing. have fun. I would also like to add that much of this is directed at myself as much as anyone else.

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