Bush wins.

I don't know what to say. You reap what you sow, and I hope his second term is better than his first.....


Anthony said...

what do you mean by you reap what you sow in this context ?

(1/2 hoped not to reap bush)

Andrew said...

I was being purposefully vague... they voted for bush. Let's see what they get. As for the rest of the world... I guess we just get to pray.

taechtner said...

Bush won...wow...do you ever...uh...you know...get a pain in your head?...like...I don't know...as if...there are carnivorous worms eating the flesh behind your eyes...that's what I feel like.

Bush won...and though I had planned for it...I still can't believe it...just like...when you can't believe that you have carnivorous worms eating the flesh behind your eyes.

This is all like some sort of wierd letter in SCREWTAPE LETTERS. You know, like Satan is writing a note to all the other demons:

"We've had some profit losses in our third quarter and are trying to find new economic means to support our soul-destroying endeavours. SO! I have decided to get re-elected in the United States, and continue our pursuit of Iraqi oil money! Yours Truly, Satan"


Anthony said...

he won b/c assholes like the ones you go to church with decided they hate fags more then they hate war.

its all evangelical xians fault.

fuck em.

taechtner said...

Well, I love you Anthony

Anonymous said...

I did the unfathomable the other night. And believe me, I've been standing on my soap box for a very very long time... this must've been a God moment, b/c I managed to actually pray for Bush. And it wasn't cynical... ;) it was actually sincere. Good grief... I think the Spirit is convicting me. Anyways, here's to another 4 years. John

Anthony said...

its not about love tom. its about anger. (jesus had that you know)

its really frustrating, because you take money from an org. that supports a huge variety of hateful causes, including bush and co...and then i am supposed to say yes brother when you bitch about him winning.

what ever happened to speaking truth to power ?

taechtner said...

You are correct that I work for an organization that has voiced support of the current U.S. administration - that is, of course, within the U.S. Outside of the U.S., however, there have been other viewpoints within that same organization on an international level. Unfortunately, as you rightly point out, many Christian organizations become involved in their local politics to an unhealthy degree (and Christians have a disastrous history of doing so). Such political alignment, nonetheless, does not always preclude one in joining that organization. For instance, there are many Republican Catholics. While the Pope has been opposed to war in Iraq (and war in general) this does not mean that an individual is not a Catholic, or cannot be a Catholic, if he or she happens to lean towards a Republican standpoint (as in, Catholic pro-choice movements within the U.S. who in some ways probably have a definitive ‘Republican’ perspective, yet whose religious leader disagrees with many things Republican). Indeed, often the best way to change an organization is to be a member of it.

Secondly, as a point of clarification, I do not take any money from the organization. In fact, they do not pay me one penny. I get paid by individual financial supporters – most of whom are Canadian (one of whom is an Southern Baptist, Kerry supporting, American Democrat). Furthermore, I am not required to tote any political agenda within the organization (though I undoubtedly do it on a personal level – as does everyone in their own way). In fact, I have talked personally with the Canadian CCC director concerning my viewpoints in disagreeing with certain American CCC political vocalizations.

And, Anthony, it is still about love. John had the right idea and made me think a lot about my personal emotions. It is still always about love. To disassociate the emotions of God in such a way is ill-advised, and can be the best (though poorly exegeted) method of getting Biblical evidence for war, etc.