I can't sleep. I don't know what time the blog says I am posting this, but it is late. I left my blog on MST, but I think I am 18 hours ahead of that right now. It sucks not being able to sleep. Especially when I have to get up early tomrrow morning for school.

It's also really wierd. I really feel like writing, or doing something productive. After all, I am up anyway, might as well use the time. Unfortunately I don't think I am really clear enough to do much besides ramble, watch something I could only half understand, or play very simple computer games. So, of those options, I am rambling. Why not? This is my website, my writing, and you don't have to read this, no one is making you.

If there does happen to be someone out there with a gun to their head, being forced to read this blog, leave a comment, and let me know who the insane guy is with the gun so I can knock some sense into him.

Wow, there are a lot of problems with that last proposition aren't there? "Look buddy, just let me know who wants to kill you, so that when he is finished, and you are all cleaned up, we might have a better chance of catching him!" Send me in chief, I'm ready.

"Is it any wonder why i'm scared?
You never dreamed you'd have to live your life so gaurded...
I'm not afraid of tomorrow, I'm only scared of myself.
I'm looking through the eyes of someone else.
Never thought they'd want me to go even faster
Never thought I took my foot off the gas
Everyone loves to be in on the pressure,
but I know they're all waiting for the crash."
SR-71 Lyrics, Tomorrow (or at least some of the lyrics)

The other night, when I was half awake because my alarm was going to go off soon, I was thinking that I didn't sleep good because it felt like someone else was doing the sleeping. You ever feel like that?
Well, now its time for me to do the sleeping.

Goodnight everyone, love y'all.

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