Wonderful things about Korea (in no particular order):

1. People are generally very friendly and helpful.
2. Chicken is not popular over here, so it is quite cheap at the supermarket.
3. The kids are kids just like everywhere, and therefore fun.
4. Hi-Speed internet really means what it says. I can download 3 movies at over 200kbps, and browse the internet with no lag. I have yet to use up enough bandwidth to slow it down.
5. Sauna's... they are just great. You gotta try one to know. The whole naked thing takes some getting used to though.
6. Pizza - it comes with corn and green peppers and is much cheaper than at home.
7. Movies are cheap, to rent or in the theatres (though they come out later than at home, and we miss some).
8. Our apartment - its our apartment... you have to understand our relationship. Long distance for over 2 years, after we got married we travelled and stayed with family and friends for 2 months.
9. Some of the food is really good. Bulgogi beef, pork cutlets, kimbop.
10. I know there is more, this may get updated in the future.

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