My Wasted Time

Blogs are all about just writing what you want. So I am going to tell anyone who cares to read this what I do with my free time. Thats all this post is. Read at your own risk.

1. I read. Currently I am reading the following:
N.T. Wright "The Ressurrection of the Son of God"
Tad Williams "Mountain of Black Glass" (third book in the Otherland series)
James Clavelle "Whirlwind" (final book in the Asian Saga)
Erwin Rapheal McManus "Uprising"
1st book in the 38 book early church fathers series
Dag Hammerskjold "Markings"

2. I write, here and on my comp.

3. I watch... my computer. Normall you say TV, but I haven't turned the Tv on since we got our laptop. Why bother when you can A: rent movies (haven't done that yet since we got our laptop either, but I anticipate we will) and, more importantly, B: download anything I want to see, most especially current TV shows, instead of watching old reruns on Korean TV>
Right now I am keeping up with: Survivor, Joan of Arcadia, CSI, and Smallville. As well we watch movies, and are currently watching Cowboy Bebop together (for my fourth time, OH YEAH!!! anime is awesome). I also just started the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Looking good so far.

4. I play computer games. Starcraft, hopefully counterstrike soon, and stupid addicting games on the internet. Currently I am addicted to motherload.

5. I fiddle on the internet, reading blogs and articles, news, etc. etc.

6. Most importantly, I do things with my wife. Go for walks, talk, etc. etc.

And no, I don't really consider any of this time wasted.

What do you do on your free time?


Anthony said...

i drink overpriced cocktails, and go to lectures on current trends in architechture (at least that was today)(and i watched a really confusing anime short--it was by the guy who did akira, and it was called memories, a collection of three shorts, i watched the first one.) (tomorrow i will go to quaker meeting)

that atel translation of the pentatauch got me really, really excited (the one that i emailed you about), from the reviews and the criticism i have read of it, i think that i want to read it next...but you should discourage me if his hebrew poetry book isnt any good.

i need to read some heavier theology, but i cannot get into nt wright...he angers me, and i dont think that it is political (though it might be).

walking is one of the great gifts of god.

i should stop using elippses, commas, and brackets, shouldnt i ?

PakG1 said...

There are very few that can ever compare to Cowboy Bebop. :D

Are you going to see Ghost in the Shell: Innocence? Or have you already seen it? I'm totally going to catch it when it hits the theatre here in Vancouver, looks great. The trailer makes it sound like a geisha version of "I, Robot", but the animation quality and storyline seems totally on par with everything I've ever come to expect from Ghost in the Shell.

Andrew said...

Anthony: read the book, let me know how it is, take it with a grain of salt, but it should be good. As to memories, that is on my list of anime to watch to :) I don't know why N.T. Wright angers you... what have you tried to read of him? and what angers you? do you disagree, or is it writing style? I could see someone not liking his writing style, but even if you disagree with him, i don't see how his positions would anger you.

PakG1: Definitely catching innocence. haven't yet as it is out here in Korean. I am also deciding what order to watch them in. SAC, then the movies, or mix it up? (seen the 1st movie already, but i want to watch it again) as well, do i try for season 2 of SAC to? it is out... but so far I have only seen teh first 5 with fan subs available anywhere.