A New World

I think I have discovered a new world, or at least I feel like I do. I recently found out, thanks to an email from him, that Jon Decker, a friend of mine back at home, has started a blog. Through his blog I found links to Mindy's Blog, who is the wife of my best friend. Commenting and links from there have led me to a few more more:
Stefanie's Epiphanies, a friend from Toronto project (where I met my wife).
Justin for the Experience, another friend from Toronto.
(sadly, neither of home I have kept in touch with).

Now, reading their blogs, and commenting and such, I feel like I have somehow stumbled into a room at the back of my house, that was always there, but I never knew about.

Thanks for posting all you guys, emailing, commenting, and the like :) God Bless you all, and maybe blogging will keep us better connected.


Jon said...

Thanks Andrew,
It's nice to read people's blogs and nice to hear from them too. It's also nice to read their blogs, especially when people are far away and communication becomes much more of a difficult thing. The fun thing with the blog is the rather of the wall stuff that people tend to post, the type of thing that would get missed in an email or a regular (or stilted) long distance phone call.

PakG1 said...

Whoah, this guy. :) Man, lemme tell you, I had such a headache when I came back to SFU this September.

"Hey, X & Y got married!"
"Oh yeah, so did A & B!"
"Didn't you know that P & Q got married too??"
"Um... dizzy..."
"And Andrew and Kristina are in Korea!"
"I must step outside for my head hurts too much to be breathing stale air."

Hehe, this is very cool, stumbling across a blog written by you. I suck at e-mails, but perhaps I can keep in touch with blogging. :) Enjoy your stay and I hope you can outdo me in eating Korean food by the time you come back! One jjangpong a day keeps the blood pumping away!

Andrew said...

Hey Bobby

Nice to hear from you :) thanks for the comments.
As for eating korean food... not so sure about that one. I like some of it, but I don't like lots of it to. I guess we will see :)

God Bless