Why I Like Anime

Anime, its a wonderful thing. Let me explain why.

My favorite hobby is reading: of all the ways I like to spend my time thats right at the top. But sometimes I just don't feel like reading; maybe I am feeling lazy, or tired, or just bored of whatever book I am reading. So, that leaves me two options really (barring activities with other people, which are not being counted right now). I can play videogames or watch something. Now, Anime comes the closest of all things I can watch/do to reading a book. I guess that needs to be explained to.

Maybe some of you reading this have no experience with Anime. When I say anime you thing Sailor Moon, or Dragon Ball, or stupid drawings of people who make stupid unrealistic faces, and cartoons that are all about big robots or many episode long fight scenes. Such Anime exists. Such Anime, as I have no doubt you agree with, usually does suck. But, such Anime is not what I am talking about.

I am talking about good Anime. The reason it is as much like reading are these: you get real, full out, character development. You get a story to, and a back story. They are longer than a movie, so you have time to do everything right, and frequently (though not always) the creators of any given anime will actually stop the series when the story is over, regardless of how popular or how much money it is making (of course this can somtimes turn bad, when a story is left unfinished, i.e. Berserk).

If you shift from Anime series to Anime movies, you lose those things, but you still have the other good things about anime, that I haven't mentiond yet. That is, it is artistic and usually very well done, it allows for a level of realism and unrealism which is hard to match in live action movies, and which you just don't find out here (since out here cartoons are really only made for children. Which is another reason I like anime, it is cartoons made for adults, or the ones I watch are, and for an immature 20something male, that is pretty sweet). They are not all futuristic actions shows either. If you haven't seen Grave of the Fireflies I highly recommend it, regardless of what you think of anime, its just a movie I think you should see.

I remember the first anime I ever saw. I was like 13, at a friends b-day party, and we watched Akira, which at the time I couldn't make heads or tales of. Then, in grade 11, I took party in an Evangelion marathon, which I also nearly couldn't make heads or tales of. But I eventually understood that one, and Akira, and then I started watching anime that made sense and that I really enjoyed. (i.e. Trigun, Berserk, Cowboy Bebop, many many movies...etc.)

If you have never seen any anime, give it a try.

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PakG1 said...

Heyheyhey! Big robots and long fight scenes can be included in good anime too! :p Gundam SEED is great! Though it took about 30 episodes or so until the depth leveled up to my preferred level... but once it was up there, it was UP there! :)

But Dragonball Z length fight scenes... yes, that sucks.