Saturday, The Best Day

I have a tradition on Saturdays. It is a relatively new tradition, but still a tradition. I don't get dressed. I sit around all day, doing whatever I have to do, in my housecoat and flannel pyjama's. Its great. Sometimes on a saturday, I actually have to leave the house, which means getting dressed; but most days I get away with it.

It all started with one day, last year. Actually, with the memory of that one day last year. It was 4:00 on a saturday afternoon, and I came upstairs, still in my housecoat and pj's (I think I had been up really late, and slept late, til maybe 1 or so, because back then, in the old days, I did get dressed on Saturday), and I saw Homiebear, who was at that time one of my roommates.
"How's it going?" Asked HomieBear
"I'm..." Replied The Logo
"Nevermind, I don't even have to ask. You have to be doing good if your still in your housecoat at 4." Cut in HomieBear

And he was right, you have to be doing good if you in your housecoat at 4 (well, maybe not if your in your housecoat because some clothes burgler stole every other article of clothing you own, but lets keep this happy). Even better if your still in your housecoat at 6, and later still when your getting ready for bed. Ahhhhh yes. So here's to saturdays and housecoats! Cheers everyone.

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