Today I woke up braindead. It is not uncommon for me to go to sleep in that condition I euphamistically call braindead, but waking up like that doesn't happen to often. I realized that basically for the last four weeks I have been doing non-stop research and writing, producing over 40 pages of essays, as well as keeping up with all the normal stuff I do, or most of it. Throw in a few very long meetings this week, and voila, fried morning TheLogo, a pleasant light brown color and a little extra crunch.

Seriously, I feel like I am mostly done this semester, and I am saying that with the full awareness that I have five finals left to write. Finals look like nothing compared to essays right now, though that opinion might change as I write some fo them. But, at least my teachers limit me to one or two books plus notes... when I write an essay there is no such limitation.

Its kind of wierd, this is my second last semester. It has gone by so quickly, as all semesters do, but now I am thinking "This is my second last set of undergraduate finals.... woah dude." I think next semester will be much more surreal than this one though, graduating and getting married and moving to vancouver and preparing for seminary... :)

I also learned some other things. My ability to write is seriously hampered by the need to keep some of the things I am most passionate about private... it is also hampered by the incredibly tap on any of my slim creative resources that writing essays has been. Fun fun fun

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