Its been an exciting last few days, if I can call it that. I spent almost the entirety, and then some, of thursday night at ER, stupidly thinking I might have appendicitis. Turns out it was a hernia (No, before then I did NOT know where my appendix was, thank you very much!). I didn't even get to see a doctor, the pain went away, and I went home. I went to a clinic on Friday and found out its a really minor hernia which may yet heal on its own... fun times.

Then Friday was good, though a long day. I went to SHINE which is our CCC weekly meeting at the UofA; It was a matrix theme, people dressed up, the speaker spoke on God and the Matrix, there was much mocking of Keanu Reeves, and so on. Then, I went to the new Matrix movie on friday night, but due to the incredible mass of people at the theatre, we had to go to the latest show (11:00) despite being over an hour early for the earlier show we wanted to go to.

There have been many mixed reviews about the new Matrix movie; when I heard them I said that everyone else could say the movie sucked, and I would still go see it. I am not going to tell you anything about the movie, don't want to spoil it for you, but I really enjoyed it. I have a low entertainment threshold, but I enjoyed this movie on more levels than that. On the other hand, I am not going to lie to you, 10 of us went and 3 of us liked it.

Now, this long, 4 day weekend, is going to be spent working on essays. 3 to go, one to edit. I am basically done my group project. So, wish me luck, send up a prayer, and have a great long weekend. Spend at least a few minutes remembering what this weekend is for too... I can hardly avoid thinking about it as, appropriately, the first essay I am working on is that Religion and Literature one on WWII propaganda.

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