November Reflections

Yes, Christmas is now only 24 days away. Tis the season...

Top 3 Posts from November:

1. Pull Up a Chair - A game, an illustration, a parable. Designed to illustrate how we think, or don't think, about God. 

2. Wrong Worship - Mostly just a link to a hilarious video. 

3. Church Not Manly - A quote and a question. Is church not manly? 

On the whole, November is a representation of how I want my blog to function. A couple book reviews, a couple quotes, a couple more thoughtful posts, and a couple posts each week. I was also pleasantly surprised by the traffic some of these posts received. 

In terms of the rest of my life, November has been crazy busy. Not only have I had lots to do at my own church, I have also filled in at a friend's church as well (because his wife just had a baby!). It is surprising, in retrospect, that I was able to have a fairly good month blogging, and reading, in the midst of that rush of things to do. In the past I have commented on how my blog tends to fall by the wayside as I get busy; this is normal and expected. However, I am now forced to account for this blip in the midst of that trend. I think that, more than anything, it has to do with the quality of intake I am getting. While this month has been very busy, it has also been fairly balanced between me giving of myself in ministry and me receiving from God through others in ministry. This has made the busy-ness much more bearable, and it is a seemingly counter-intuitive piece of information I am going to have to keep in mind during my next season of plenty (of work to do). 

In the meantime, Merry Christmas, and may Christ incarnate himself into your life more and more with each passing day!

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