Church Not Manly?

"Unfortunately for the church, many men see churchgoing as womanly behavior. It's the polar opposite of the risky, dangerous image they try to project. Men don't go to church for the same reason they refuse to carry anything that resembles a purse - it's not something guys do. Imagine this scene one Wednesday night after a long, hot day on the construction site:
Bill: Hey, where you guys going after work?
Dean: I'm going out for a beer. 
Jeremy: I've got tickets to the ball game. 
Bill: How about you, Sam?
Sam: I'm going to Wednesday night church serve. 
All: [Silence]
Men, do you feel that one in your gut? Dean and Jeremy are planning an evening of manly behavior. But Sam will be doing something real men don't do - going to church, and on a weeknight. This is one reason many Christian men hide their faith from other men. They're not ashamed of Christ; they're ashamed of feminization."
- David Murrow. Why Men Hate Going to Church  (A book I am reading and soon will review)

So, what do you all think of this? Is Murrow right? 


Anonymous said...

The physicist Richard Feynman has a book whose title expresses well my sentiments on this point. The title: What do _you_ care what other people think?

Roger Hui

RampantCrumpet said...

Methinks that the problem is that the 'church' is associated in secular peoples eyes with 'goodiness'. As in a place for 'good' people. If the chap had said 'Sorry got my Gamblers anonymous meeting tonight' there may have been some encouragement. Or if he said he is going to his AA meeting there would have been mumbled support. The church needs to proclaim itself as the place for 'bad' people. As it was when Jesus went around assorting with hookers and tax collectors. Not CON-sorting though!. The other thing is there are toooo many Church 'Services' and not enough Church 'Service'. As in serving the community where Jesus is needed most. If the chap had 'Sorry got soup kitchen duty tonight' he may have gotten silence but it would have inclined towards silent admiration and respect and maybe just maybe some curiosity. IM(Very)HO.

Andrew said...

Good points Rampant; thanks for pointing those things out :)