2011 Reflections

Yet another year gone. Another month, another day, another minute, just like any other. Did you know that for centuries the Christian new year began on March 25th? It's true. Think about that for a minute, and remember that whatever you did last night was to celebrate an utterly arbitrary decision, made by some random person you have never heard of, about when the year should end and begin. I guess it's all what you make of it though. So, did you? Make something of it?

While your thinking about all that, here are some interesting things to know about my blog in the last year.

Top 5 Posts of 2011

1. Heaven and Hell - In a commanding lead we have a nearly content-less post which only sits hear by virtue of a combination of search optimization and linking. It kind of makes me sad. 

2. "About You" by Dick Staub - A book review of a good book. In the top five because the author liked it. 

3. "Love Wins" by Rob Bell - A book review of a terrible book. In the top five due to the controversy surrounding this book. 

4. Politics In/And Church - Some comments on the prime minister visiting our church. Definitely made a stir locally. 

5. Book Giveaway: Celebrating 100 Book Reviews - Who doesn't like free stuff? Sorry to all of you who missed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Some Stats

Blogger only started keeping track of stats back in the summer of 2010, so I can't do any comparisons. This year, the most people visiting Against Nothingness in March. My biggest single day, which was in November (I can't remember which day) saw just under 300 hits. Yep, I am definitely in the big time now, lol.


I don't know why I can't just accept things the way they are, but it makes me sad that my top three posts of the year prove the truth about what brings people to blogs. SEO, Links from popular people, and controversy. Knowing this, I have still chosen to resist the urge to pander to such trends.

Nonetheless, I have very much enjoyed this year and thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for your comments, here and on facebook. Please continue to feel free to give advice, suggestions, and make requests.

Things to Come

Over the coming week, I will be writing a number of more specific reflection posts. One on my reading over the past year, another on our church, a third about my family, and a more general one.

The following week, I will do a series of posts about things I want to do in the coming year mostly, but not entirely, related to this blog.

In the Meantime

So, while your waiting for all that goodness to come, you should check out this video and think about my family while you do.  Hilarious.

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