"Why Men Hate Going to Church" by David Murrow

David Murrow. Why Men Hate Going to Church. Thomas Nelson, 2011. 256 pgs.

We all know that not all men hate going to church. I think we also all know that in most churches there are more women than men. Why is this? Where are the men? According to David Murrow we have made church an overly, and overtly, feminine experience and are now reaping the dubious rewards of such efforts. Through three sections Murrow makes the persuasive argument that we do have a problem, that it is a result of tailoring the church culture towards women, and that we can do something about it. Not only can we but we must, for without men churches slowly, but surely, perish. Or so argues Murrow; I happen to agree.

Why Men Hate Going to Church is an excellent book. It is provocative, well researched, and thoughtful. There were several moments during reading when I nearly gasped, in shock and delight, as Murrow refuses to pull any punches. In speaking of the feminization of worship, and how an 'ideal' worship service looks, Murrow concludes with these apt words: "After a round of applause, the satisfied worshippers return to their seats, emotionally and physically spent, bathed in the afterglow of heartfelt worship, ready to cuddle up with a message from the pastor."

Conclusion: 5 Stars. Recommended. If you are in a leadership position in a church then you should definitely read this book so that you can begin to see and implement necessary changes in your church. If you are not in church leadership, then you should still read this book; you need your eyes opened too.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing this book for review.

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