October Reflection

Forgiving means to pardon the unpardonable, faith means believing the unbelievable, and hoping means to hope when things are hopeless.
- G. K. Chesterton

Top Posts for October:

1. Heaven and Hell - Let the humbling continue. My most popular post of all time, now by a nearly a factor of 4, continues to be a nearly content free one. Hooray!

2. To Whom Do You Compare Yourself - Herein I offered some reflections on the parable of the publican and the pharisee. I enjoyed writing this; it gladdens my heart that you have apparently enjoyed reading it. Ahh, if only the numbers of hits received could actually tell me what you thought... 

3. "Everything the Bible Says About Heaven" by Linda Washington - Seriously, do you people just like it when I am mean? This was a terrible book and I wrote a harsh review.


It has been a good month, October. It involved much and many activities with my family, good times in the church with baptisms, bible studies, and not too much busyness. I enjoy the fall. Fall is the season of decay before winter, and it always reminds me of the renewal I ever look for in Jesus Christ, for without the ever new Spirit to make me a new creation, I am in trouble. And, as the leaves, so I am but dust in the wind, constantly fading with only one hope: the resurrection, prefigured in every springtime bloom. 

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Charlotte said...

Yes, I totally with your thoughts on fall/winter!