Who Is God?

Who is God?

No, I am not going to attempt an answer to that question in a blog post. In fact, I am not going to attempt to answer that question at all.  Instead, I have a question for you; but first, a prologue.

As a Christian I know and believe that the place to go to find out who God is would be the bible. However, I have not always had this faith. I started to look for, and find, answers to this question in other places before I turned to and trusted the word of God. I have been reflecting on that lately, and it has made me curious. 

So, I would like to ask you: Where and when did you first encounter God? 

And, assuming you have had such an encounter, what did you learn? 

P.S. I will be answering these questions myself, just not right now. 


Who is God said...

There is tons of evidence that points to who God is and it's actually easy to find but because of mistakes they go unchecked. Check out the Book "Master Science" this is a must have for any theologian/apologists. http://www.masterscience.webs.com

thefisherlady said...

my first encounter with God was in my home with a family who did not know God in a personal way but did believe in the moral code of the Bible... do not steal, do not kill, etc. There was nothing they would not do to alleviate someone's misfortune, they were generous, kind, loving... they adopted me as a newborn, as well as two brothers and we never knew this until we were teenagers. Being loved by an earthly Father so fully made me understand my Heavenly Father's love when as a six year old a neighbour told me about Jesus and the way of salvation.

Andrew said...

Thank you both for sharing, though I have to point out to you, "Who is God", that your response doesn't really answer the question I asked :)