March Reflections

He is Risen! Or so we will declare very soon :) 

Top 3 Posts from March
1. Child Soldiers and Hunger Games - A few thoughts on the recent blockbuster movie and the tragedy of child soldiers. 
2. Children Are Waiting - A word about the Christian duty to care for orphans. 
3. Rediscovering Sin: Pusillanimity - The title kind of says it: I learned about a sin I had never considered before. 

3 Most Visited Posts in March
1. We're Sinking - My reaction to Josh McDowell's "Truth Matters" campaign is quickly becoming my most popular post ever. 
2. Heaven and Hell - But this one keeps hanging on. 
3. Child Soldiers and Hunger Games - It's nice to see a post on both of these lists; it seems to happen only rarely as Google searches continue to dominate my traffic ratios. 

A few key events dominated the last month in my life. The keen observer may have noticed that I was posting at a rate of 1 a day for the first week of March. Then I said nothing for two weeks. Simply put, life got very busy when one of the pastors at our church stepped out of ministry. That was event one. The second event was that Ethan, my son, had surgery. 
My Boy and My Wife

Nothing too serious (removing a cyst above his left eye), but what parent doesn't have a mini-heart attack when his child goes under the knife? Exactly. He has, however, recovered extremely well. Just today, in fact, we spent nearly 2 hours waiting at the doctors office so that the doctor could spend 30 seconds looking at his eye and declaring him well. 

May April be much more peaceful, and uneventful, than March! 


Kelline said...

Hello, I wonder if by "child soldiers" you may be referring to the horrific army built by one Joseph Kony. This is a horrible man (for lack of better words) and although I'm not a part of the campaign to stop him, I pray about it and all of my hope is in the Lord that he will be stopped. I rarely put website info or links to other websites in my comments but since this is something that Washington has gotten involved in, I think every American should know we're fighting to get Joseph Kony brought to justice. In the slight event you don't know who I'm referring to, he's the African man who put together the child army after having kidnapped 300,000 children from their beds. Many now sleep in warehouse size shelters for fear of their own homes. They've been made to kill their own parents and commit atrocities against other children by permanently scarring their beautiful faces. God be with those who fight against him to bring him to justice. You can find a heart wrenching but informative video on Kony2012.COM. I recommend every one see it at least once. It will move you to want to do something, anything. God bless you and your beautiful family.

Andrew said...

I do know what/who you are referring to, and if you read the post I link to twice then you will, I think, get a feel for my thoughts on all this :)

Kelline said...

oops, I commented and then went back to read more of your blog and I see there that you have already addressed the Kony issue. I apologize for not doing my homework before posting that first comment. You are aware and have seen the video. Sorry about that waste of your comment space. God bless!!!

Andrew said...

No worries and not a waste at all. Thanks for your comments :)