2012.04.04 Worth Visiting

Forget Self-Improvement - A good word about goals.

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn's Nobel Prize Speech - Nobel prize speech given by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn; amazing.

TED Video: The Earth is Full - The earth is full. Literally. Our current economy is unsustainable.

Letter: A Brave New World - Huxley's own take on why "A Brave New World" is more likely than "1984"

Neurons V Free Will - problems in neuroscience?

The $8-Billion Dollar IPod - hilarious video looking at 'copyright math' and the flaws therein.

Culture After the Credit Crunch - Thought provoking look at our reactions to recent financial crisis.

What Isn't for Sale? - Hidden costs in a society where everyone is for sale?

Havel's Specter - reflection on the political and poetic wisdom of Vaclev Havel

The Right Habits - small habits leading to victory

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