"It's 3AM and I can't sleep..."

It's 3am and I can't sleep. I'm all alone. There's no one to call at this hour.

And so, rising slowly and allowing blankets to slip to the floor, I head for my computer. With a half-desperate sigh I log on to my Facebook account. I hope for some activity, some contact with other people. 


I post a status update and wait. Click. Refresh. Click. Refresh. Nothing. 

My brain side-slips reality and I imagine, for the briefest of moments, a different life. 

I imagine being constantly tired but unable to sleep. The heaviness of my eyes growing with each passing moment but nary a moment of sleep. I imagine sitting for hours, days, and weeks with abundant tools of communication at my disposal but having no one to talk to. My lonely desperation growing with each passing moment but nary a moment of human contact. 

Gripped by this image there is only one option. I turn the computer off and go to bed. And as I drift off  I wonder...

I can't help thinking that this imagined life, in some small way, intersects with hell. 


alias: enelled (e-neld) said...

Hello Pastor! I love the content of this post, exactly the position I am in right now. Having all the means of communication, but have nobody to talk to. I am blessed by this post. I felt that somebody has talked to me eventhough it's not interactive. I bookmarked your blog page, and I'm looking forward for your posts. God bless you! :-)

Andrew said...

Thank you for the encouragement, and God bless you as well!