January Reflections

"I'm late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I'm late!"

Top 3 Posts of January:

1. Heaven and Hell - noting to say. 

2. We're Sinking - My thoughts on Josh McDowell's truth campaign. 

3. Revisionist Tendencies: Chesterton, Calvinism, and Piper - Piper's blog upset me, so I posted my thoughts. 

1/12th into 2012 already and may good times be had by all. 

Back at the start of January, I decided I would do three things. I said I would stop taking so many bad books to review and instead read some of the doctors of the church. I said I would put up more of the material I put together for church. And I said I would randomly put up link posts. 

1.5 down, 1.5 to go. I have indeed stopped accepting bad books to review. Since making that commitment, I have only accepted one book review offer (forthcoming). However, I have had quite a few other books pile up in the last year besides the doctors of the church, and have been attending to some of those before embarking on my quest. For church material, I simply haven't done a lot yet in the new year; it's still coming. 

All in all, I have to say the changes I have made so far have been positive. I hope for much more. How's your year looking?  

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