2012.02.10 Worth Visiting

Sitting All Day is Bad - good to know

Paying Customers for Good Reviews - Unsurprising, but sad nonetheless. 

What's Wrong With the Teenage Mind? - makes a lot of sense. 

"World Wide Webs" - Will it really come to this? 

"Consent of the Networked" - more things you should know, and think about, as you use the internet. 

Ted Video: Hedonistic Sustainability - This almost makes me want to move to Denmark. At the very least, we need thinking like this in Vancouver. 

Nature, Nurture, and Liberal Values - Dense but well worth reading; article on the impact of evolutionary psychology and neuroscience on morality and cultural norms. Has Science vs. Religion become Science vs. Liberal values? 

"Between the Lines" - Bet you never knew parking was so interesting, or complicated. 

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