2012.01.22 Worth Visiting

Links in no particular order. 

Unique life form is half plant, half animal - Half plant, half animal, all cool!

The Science Behind a Bad Mood (and what you can do about it) - Common sense stuff, but if you find your moods have more control over you than you have over them, you should read on.

TED Video: Be Suspicious - Indeed, be suspicious. Watch carefully any device which easily slips behind your critical apparatus; well-told stories are perfect examples. What do you think about the rest of what he had to say?

Life of a Scientist - Great post on the life of a scientist and what it means to pastor and minister to those in the field of science.

"It's A Girl" - The three most dangerous words in our world. Visit the site, read about it, and when you get the chance, watch the video.

It Doesn't Take Cupertino to Make Textbooks Interactive - A good word about tablets in classrooms, interactivity, and learning. Also a brilliant critique of Apple's latest move in publishing :)

CT's 2012 Book Awards - CT's 12 best books from the past year.

SpareOne - A $50 cellphone which holds a charge for 15 years and gives 10 hours of talk-time on a single AA? I'll be getting one for emergencies for sure! 

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