I would just like to take a moment to encourage you to read. I love reading, but I also know that it is good to do. I hope to inculcate the value of reading in all of my children and in as many other people as I can. 

Reading is important. It is part of growing as an individual and a Christian. The central source of our beliefs is a book. Think about that, and remember again why reading is important. 

Yes, I know, you have a reason. Something is stopping you from reading "as much as you want to."  Maybe you don't read, but wish you did. Maybe you just wish you spent more time reading. But, I am willing to bet that most of you would not tell me you have no desire to read more. I don't know why, but that seems to be the common response I get.  Then come the reasons. 

I'm too busy. 

Reading is difficult. 

I get distracted by (insert electronic device here). 

And so on. 

Fellow Christian, do not let these things stop you! Do not be robbed of this source of great blessing in your life by such things! You know how when you were growing up and you didn't want to finish your meal, your mom would say "children in Africa are starving" ? Remember that? Well, I can't resist. So let me say this: there are people all throughout history, and around the world, who wish they had the opportunity to read that you do. 

What I really want to say is that if you know how to read (and since you are reading this, you obviously do) you have been given a great gift. Do not take it for granted. 

Take the steps necessary to read more. In starting out, there is a good chance it will be more 'work' than you are used to during your free time. It is worth it. The idea that our free time is supposed to be about 'vegging out' is an insidious lie of television culture. Yes, we all need down time, but we also need to spend some of our time cultivating spiritual and intellectual growth in our lives. 

Let me give you some advice. Don't accept your own excuses; they are not good enough for you. Set aside regular time to read (of course, it has to fit your schedule to some degree, but if you have to shift your schedule then so be it). Start with easier books (easier is relative, you know what you need). Start with topics in books, or types of books, you enjoy (yes, that auto magazine counts if you actually read the articles). Then challenge yourself (you didn't think I was going to let you stay with just a magazine did you? Of course not!). Challenge yourself by reading more, and/or by reading something more difficult. You do not have to read quickly. You do not have to read a lot of books. You do not need a large library. You do not need to make sure you are reading the 'best books.' You just need to read. And as you go, make it your goal to read widely, read deeply, and read well. 

You can start a lifetime of learning and growing and maturing today. You should. 


adriel said...

Haha, Andrew! Since this post is about reading, I couldn't help but comment on the cute picture of Hannah sitting on the truck ledge. Beside it is a sign that reads "PLEASE KEEP OFF" lol! All in fun :)

Andrew said...

I wondered if anyone would comment on that :)