Storm Warning by Billy Graham

This book is a summary of many of the horrible/terrible/bad events/trends which have covered our world recently. These events are summarized within the categories given, generally speaking, by the biblical book of Revelation. At each point, Billy Graham takes what is happening, names it and defines it within the biblical perspective, and then uses that point to draw the reader back to the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

I have to say that this book was better than I initially thought it would be. By page 30, with Graham's promise to read Revelation "literally" ringing in my ears, I was preparing for the worst. There are so many bad commentaries on Revelation out there; predictions of the end, timelines, culturally mis-informed readings, etc. This book was none of those. In fact, it was hardly a reading of, or commentary on, Revelation at all, and that is probably a good thing. However, I must also say that Billy Graham is a much better evangelist than he is an author. This book read like a very long sermon which never quite got to the point until the very end. He did, however, have an excellent point: Jesus Reigns and will be victorious. Thus, if there is one redeeming quality of this book it is that it is entirely focused on the gospel of Christ. One just wishes it was presented better.

Disclosure: Thomas Nelson has provided me with a free copy of this book to review.

P.S. Longer review to come, this one fits within the restrictions of booksneeze's regulations.

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