God is great, Ethan is cute, and Kristina is 'crazy'!

On Sunday morning at 7am we got started. And by we, I mostly mean Kristina. As much as I might say, further on in this post, that some things were difficult, nothing I had to go through is anything like what Kristina went through. I just wanted to say that out front.

Anyway, labor began Sunday morning. We headed to the hospital at 1230 and were very happily surprised to find out Kristina was quite far along (especially compared to where she was with Hannah when we went to the hospital). Labor then 'progressed' (got progressively worse and more painful) into the early evening.

This is where I say Kristina is crazy. Crazy as in amazing, ridiculous, and unbelievably impressive. She did the whole thing with no painkillers (except a small amount of laughing gas). I think the hardest part, for me, was just seeing her in so much pain and not being able to do anything. I had a huge urge to 'fix' things. I prayed a lot, and probably harder than I ever had before.

Anyway, long story short, Ethan James Nicholas Demoline, our second child and our first son, was born at 9:32 on the evening of June 13th 2010. He weighted 6lbs 14ozs (3.125kg) and is 19.5 inches long (49.5cm). Both he and his mother did incredibly well, and are healthy.

I thought Hannah was tiny when she was born; but he is even smaller. I forget stuff like that so quickly. It's only been 14 months since Hannah was a newborn, but now that she is walking and nearly 30lbs, hate's sleeping, and is super excited about life, its hard to remember when she was tiny and quiet and unable to even roll over.

Spekaing of Hannah, she has done very well with her new baby brother. I think she is still confused about some things (like what 'stuff' is hers and which is her baby brothers), but she has been super nice to him. She even gave him a kiss complete with appropriate sound effects (which she only just learned).

Well, one more child in the world. God is so great to create beautiful little people like this, and to bless us with yet another healthy wonderful baby. I'm tired, but really really excited!

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Linda Kiing said...

what a beautiful read. I am super excited for you and your family. Our prayers for His richest blessings.
- Linda