The Soundtrack of my Life

I love music. It's beautiful. I really do just love music, pretty much all kinds. I used to say I like everything but rap and opera... then I found some rap I liked, and it wasn't too long after that when I began to find myself enjoying the occasional Opera track as well. Now I just like music.

My taste in music doesn't run along the easy lines of genre, artist, or type. Instead it runs with emotional connection. I have watched a lot of shows in my life, and one of the ways you can tell wether or not I like a show, if I really connect with it or feel touched by it, is if I get the music for it. This isn't a perfect method to gauge the effect of any given video input on me, as it also requires that the show has good enough music to listen to without the accompanying video, which isn't as common as you might hope for, but its a good guideline. Its one of the reasons I love anime so much, at least some of them, and I know I enjoy shows more if they have good music.

When I listen to music with the purpose of listening to music, not just cause I can or as background noise, I really get into it. First I think of where it came from, usually I can remember specific scenes and/or lines. It doesn't take long for the emotions to fill my mind, and after that it's only a matter of time before I am daydreaming my own scenario's, all the while the original's play as a guide line in the back of my mind.

My too favorite times to do this are when I am walking, usually listening to music that has to do with the 'harder' emotions: anger, determination, fighting, victory, prevailing over the odds, etc. etc. Or late at night when I can't sleep yet; reflection, loneliness, contentment, solitude, sadness, etc.

Right now I am listening to the music from the first OVA for Ruroni Kenshin, a very sad, and very good, anime.

I don't know why you would care about any of this, but there it is.


PakG1 said...

GOOD CHOICE! Thumbs up! :D

Superman said...

Oh man Andrew, have you gone soft or something? What happened to the guy who used to paint chauvinst slogans on his body and run naked through quad. You used to be a rebel, fighting back against the man, disgarding your clothes at a moments notice, throwing molotov cocktails at the salvation army christmas donation pots. A year away has changed you man.

Anonymous said...

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