Tootie Frootie the Turtle

Tootie Frootie the turtle was afraid of water. It happened that when he was very young he fell into a can of orange paint, which had never really come of, and that was the origin of his fear of water. Though a sea turtle, Tootie Frootie found that he could live happily at a pond, a little ways inland from where he had been born. He could enter the water to wading height, eat fish and minnows, and lived well.

This continued until one fateful day when the pond was developed for a luxury resort. Upon finding the strange orange sea turtle that lived in a pond, the hotel made Tootie Frootie their mascot. While not as satisfying as his pond life had been, Tootie Frootie was comfortable in his new role. He was well fed, and didn’t have to go in any water. Still, a life of captivity, no matter how good, was something he could only handle for so long.

So he embarked on a fast action, daring 3 year escape. During the course of his escape, the orange paint was washed off of him, so the hotel people didn’t recognize him anymore. Tootie Frootie returned to the sea, and found to his amazement, that he had missed it for so long he was no longer afraid of it. Having lived in captivity to his own fears and then to a large hotel, he returned to his true home.

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