Penny the Penguin

Penny the penguin was a penguin who could fly. Not very well mind you, but some. Through freak genetic mutations he had been born with larger wings than most penguins, and a lighter body. All of the other penguins made fun of Penny and laughed at him when he tried to fly. He was far from graceful, and it just wasn’t something penguins were supposed to do anyway. So, for a long time Penny didn’t fly.

One day, as the large penguin family was trekking across some ice, disaster struck. A strong current came from nowhere, tearing the ice apart, and three baby penguins were swept away from everyone else. The mothers tried to swim to them, but they couldn’t make it. Penny realized that the only way they could be saved was if he flew to them. And so he did. Or he tried. Unfortunately, because he had flown so little, he was even worse than normal, and he couldn’t make it either. The penguin family watched sadly as the babies quickly floated away.

Penny was very sad because of this, and vowed that it would never happen again. From then on, no matter what anyone said, Penny flew everyday. He got better and better, and though the particular event that started it all never repeated itself, one day as Penny was flying a long ways from his resting family he noticed three penguins traveling alone. They also noticed him. It was the three babies who had been swept away. They happily rejoined their family, and they became the first three penguins in Penny’s Flyers, a group formed in honor of Penny the flying penguin.

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