Well, the edge of typhoon Magi just finished passing over Daejeon today. It wasn't much to speak of, except a lot of rain. I am sure that isn't true everywhere though, and I am glad we just got the edge. One of the other teachers here described to me an experience with a typhoon he had a few years ago in Daejeon. Apparently the wind was strong enough that it took 4 ppl to open the door. Why they were bothering, I don't know.

Trying to find things in Korea is quite fun/frustrating. All the signs are in Korean (naturally, though many have a word or two of English), and even though I can read Korean, I can't read fast, and I don't have much of a vocabulary at all. Add to that the fact that in Korea stores can take up every floor of a large building, so the signs just go up and up and up, and it can be just a touch difficult. I asked for instructions on finding a gym, and all the other teachers just told me to look up at the windows until I see treadmills in them. I found 3 gyms, a laundromat, a really fancy restaurant (I walk in with shorts and a T-shirt, the waiter is standing there in a tuxedo shirt with a bowtie), and a storage room that way (and that was only in about 3 blocks). Like I said, I did find three gyms though.

I sometimes find it hard to believe that Koreans look at these signs and read them as fast as I would read them in English . I know its true though. I really wish I could do that.

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