On sunday my wife and I went to a church here in Daejeon. The church was at a christian school, and it was really good. It wasn't to big, though I suspect that might change after the school semester starts up again. The sermon was excellent, very deep, and the pastor was not afraid to explain some hard theology, while at the same time making it understandable and even applicable.

I also noticed that, without any harping on community or meeting new people, there really did seem to be a sense of community there. They gave newcomers a chance to introduce themselves if they wanted to, a chance for prayer requests to be shared, and after the service we talked with/met several different people. Then a newly married older couple (not old, just older) took us, and several other people our age, out for lunch. It was a lot of fun. Its probably just that we were all in an uncomfortable place, outside of the church that is, being in a foreign culture, not knowing the language, etc. but there was actually some push to form a community in the church, instead of being comfortable just coming and leaving. Its obviously not neccesary, but perhaps being a little bit more uncomfortable with our lives would be a good thing, since it would open us up more towards giving and recieving love.


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